CARDET actively participates in Ecological Celebration in Cyprus

On June 7, 2015, CARDET participated in the second Ecological Celebration in Cyprus, organized at the Academy’s National Forest Park in Aglantzia by related organizations and groups. The event had a great turnout, and presented CARDET with the chance to inform visitors about its goals and its various Projects relating to sustainability. In this ecological celebration participants were informed and about “EAThin2015” project, its objectives, activities, actions and the opportunities that offering for preparing European students and youth to critically understand new global challenges and enhancing European students’ and teachers’ critical understanding and active engagement in global development challenges, with a specific focus on food security and sovereignty, sustainable food systems and smallholder farming.

The Ecological Celebration received national attention, offering CARDET and its Projects great positive exposure. It, also, presented the opportunity for CARDET to network with other organizations which share related missions and goals, and to raise public awareness about the issues regarding global development challenges.

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