A’ Elementary school of Makedonitisa participate in the Litter Less Campaign

A’ Elementary school of Makedonitisa in Cyprus is one of the schools that has already committed to participate in the EAThink2015 project activities and integrate global development and sustainable agriculture issues/topics in its learning activities and school curricula. A’ Elementary school of Makedonitisa is, also, part of the global Eco-Schools’ network. Based on teachers’ statements “Our fundamental principal is to promote to all participants –teachers, students and parents- Education for Sustainable Development.” To foster this, teachers run throughout the year various activities. This year they participate in the campaign Litter Less. At the beginning of the year they weighted the amount of paper, food and PMD products, which was thrown away in the school’s bins. Then teachers made students understand the amount of natural resources needed to produce the certain amount of food, paper or PMD products and to go beyond recycling and think of ways to reduce the amount of litter which they produced. Instead of throwing away the food, and in order to avoid unnecessary packaging, children came up with the idea of bringing food to school, in food cans. A lot of them, also, instead of buying the one use water bottles, they brought their own refilled water bottles from home. At the end of the year teachers once again weighted the amount of litter collected from the school’s bins and they found a reduction, but which was not as significant as they expected. “This made us realize that change is a slow process that demands time and constant devotion” stated a teacher to our researcher team members. Teachers agreed through the EAThink2015 project to continue these activities in the following years, hopefully with a greater participation and involvement from the parents.