At the discovery of the grocery Vire Nature

Two students of the professional high school Jean Mermoz in Vire Normandie (Calvados) went to meet Jacques Courteille, manager of the organic grocery Vire Nature, on the 17th march 2017 in the surroundings.

Vire Nature is located 33 rue du Haut Chemin in Vire Normandie. Created in 1977, the grocery proposes organic food, cleaning products, and cosmetic, but also  healthy products (no gluten, no sugar, no salt, no lactose) just as dietary supplement. The manager, Jacques Courteille offers to deliver the products or send them.

Jacques Courteille, manager of the grocery Vire Nature

Interview :

How did you get the idea of the grocery ? Do you eat the products that you sell ?

“I was already a customer before the shop went on sale and I consume     99.9 % of the products I sell today.”

Is there  a price difference between your products and those in supermarkets ?

“You can’t compare products.”

Are the products that you sell better for the health ? What’s assortment of products do you sell more ?

“Studies (multiple) are sufficiently substantiated to prove the beneficial action of organic products.”

Do you move regularly for the delivery ?

“From 1 to 2 times a week”

Are beauty organic products  healthy for the skin ?

“The small amount of preservatives or synthetic dilutant is beneficial for the skin.”

Are packaging recyclable ? Recycled ?

“Yes, for the most part.”

What’s the organic food ? How do you recognize the organic products ? What does  an organic product guarantee ?

“Organic food is characterized by a ban on the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. To identify an organic product, read the list of ingredients on the packaging or the logo.”

With the years, are there more people that eat organic than before ?


What does  products without gluten consist of ?

“For gluten-free cereals, for example, the ingredients are corn, rice and millet buckwheat. Gluten-free cereals consist of wheat, oats, barley and rye.”

What’s tea LØv  organic ?

“It’s tea nature or assembled, it’s a registered trademark. LØv means leaf in Scandinavia.”

Who are the suppliers ?

“My suppliers are local distributors, processors, manufacturers of market gardeners.”


Thanks to our interview, we can conclude that for this manager the organic is obvious. For us, and young people our age, organic is not as simple as it seems. We do not often hear about organic products, it’s a subject that young people do not pay attention to.


And you, do you eat organic products ?


Amandine HUET
1GA -Professional high school Jean Mermoz in Vire Normandie (France)