Cloud Food Exhibition

Cloud Food Exhibition is an educational Exhibition that presents the food and shows some of its most significant and surprising interactions and transformations. A cloud of words, objects and abstractions that tell it from different points of view, to stimulate a reflection on what is behind and inside that we eat.

Open every day from May 1 to October 31, the exhibition is held at EXPO Milano 2015 – Cascina Triulza, the pavilion of the Civil Society, and will be open from 10am to 23.

The goal is to amaze and make us reflect on the consequences of the aggregate purchase choices and consumption, environmental impacts and social consequences and the challenges to be met to support sustainable food systems and small-scale agriculture.

The exhibition revolves around 25 keywords. Each word is represented by an object, a display or abstraction that represents a point of view and from a short text that begins to explain, through definitions, data, connections and relationships. The words together are one of the possible indicators of a research on agriculture and food today, from local to global.

The words of the exhibition are: kilometers, carbon, water, forests, soils, pollution, packaging, pesticides, sovereignty, waste, biodiversity, seeds, water, fuels, insects, wallet, hunger, farmers, cocoa, migration, seasons, money, patents, goods, information.

The Food Cloud Exhibition is the tip of the iceberg, a portal from which to access additional information, insights, tools and opportunities to continue the work in the classroom and to participate in the project EAThink2015. In September and October 2015, the exhibition will give visibility to the winners of the photo competition for European primary and secondary schools Not Just Cheese!