EAThink at Global Education Week “Make Equality Real” Follow-up event

On 11th January 2016, the EAThink 2015 team attended   the follow-up event  to the Global Education Week 2015, held at St. Margaret College Boys Secondary (Cospicua), where different groups from a number of Maltese Secondary schools presented the work they had been doing in the framework of the Global Education Week in November 2015, which theme was “Make Equality Real”.

The students touched upon a variety of topics, ranging from children’s rights to sustainability, from food security to gender equality. In their presentations they compared conditions in different countries of the world with regards to their health system, poverty, education and many other aspects. They spoke out for the protection of the environment, for a healthy way of life and equality throughout the world. With regards to Sustainable Development Goals, the activities’ objective was
to raise awareness on North-South relations and global interdepence issues.

EAThink team was invited by MS Rita Debattista, Head of Geography Department of the school and national coordinator for GEW in Malta, to carry out an activity with the students; these were offered an interactive quiz related to the topics of the project, such as food security, waste, resources, rights and sustainability. During the quiz the students proved once more that they had in fact  acquired an impressive knowledge on global food-related issues. It was quite busy in the Hall of St Margaret School when the kids started running towards the teachers holding letters representing the answers they thought were correct. Questions on food production volume and distribution of food resources were the most challenging, leading the students to re-think about imbalance of wealth, power and access to resources that occurs all over the world.

How much food do we waste by throwing it away? How much water is required to produce one kilogram of beef? Do we produce enough food to keep everybody in the world fed? In fact we do and the answer surprised many students.  AT the end of the activity the students got a sneak peek of the new EAThink Game App and its features and students and teachers alike were provided with information on the activities foreseen for 2016 and info materials regarding the project.