Eathink2015 in Romania: the first scholar visit to a local producer

The 2016/2017 scholar year has just started and the Romanian schools have begun again the activities within the Eathink 2015 project. Today we are writing about the first scholar visit to a local grower from Romania.

Last month, the pupils from “Ioan Petruș” High School from Otopeni visited a greenhouse from Ilfov County in order to understand from scratch the process of turning the food into our favorite dishes. Guided by Cătălina Neagu, teacher at this high school, young people have the opportunity to get to know more about sustainable agriculture and the importance of healthy food within the Eathink2015 Initiative, implemented in Romania by APDD – Agenda 21.

The end of 2016 will be full of #Eathink2015 activities and we are going to publish news and pictures about them in order to show you their impact in Romania!