Farm visit – “Emil Racoviță” National College

Have you ever learnt by having fun? Well, if not… let’s see how the students from “Emil Racoviță” National College learnt a lot of things about healthy food and farming by playing and having fun.

On the 21st of November, 100 young people from this college from Bucharest visited a bio farm from Pietroșani, Argeș County. This farm is the only one in Romania with Valdostana cows. Along with their teachers, the high school students attended a cooking workshop and acted as 1 day volunteers for the farm.

Thus, they understood the system of obtaining diary products and learnt the techniques that must be taken into account by farmers in the daily care of their cows.

Romania has a lot of agricultural potential that it is not fully fructified at the moment. Bringing young people closer to this domain can be a new starting point in relaunching small and medium sized agricultural enterprises.