Food Cloud Exhibition @”N.I. Jilinschi” Secondary School, Vernești

The third week of November was full of Eathink 2015 activities. If yesterday we wrote about the Food Cloud Exhibition at The Economic College of Buzău, today we want to share the experience from ,,N. I. Jilinschi” Secondary School, Vernești (Buzău County).

On the 15th of November, teachers and students welcomed the Eathink2015 – Romania  team with a fresh attitude willing to get involved in debates on the topic of sustainable agriculture and food systems.

Florina Potîrniche, project manager in Romania, and Andreea Tătaru, project assistant in Romania set up the Food Cloud Exhibition within the school. Can you guess what were the most challenging aspects of this experience?

Well, yes – the youngest pupils, aged between 7 and 10 were not only very active, but very curious about the key concepts of the FCE. Imagine the dialogue on the topic of food sovereignty! However, their curiosity showed us that the aim of our Eathink2015 has a real impact in Romanian schools.

See more about the Food Cloud Exhibition in Romania here:

Found Cloud Exhibition @Economic College from Buzău