International Seminar EAThink local – Think global. Global Citizenship Education /food – Viena , 18 – 19 September 2017

The seminar was organized by Sudwind Association, Austria, a member of the consortium that is implementing the project EATthink2015, Sustainable Agriculture.

APDD Agenda 21 was represented by Nina Cugler, president and  EAThink educational tutor, and four teachers, EAThink project coordinators in their schools: Daniela Albu, “M.Eminescu” National College, Buzău, Gabriela Dîrloman, “Nicolae Kretzulescu” Superior Commercial School, Bucharest, Diana Basalic, National College “Emil Racoviță“, Bucharest and Roxana Vișan, “Jean Monet” National College, Ploiești.

The seminar included a series of events such as: interactive workshops, a round table dedicated to the education for global citizenship, visits to farms, a visit to the Bilbao library for global education and to an organic food fair, which facilitated the exchange of experience and good practices among the members of the consortium – twelve European countries, Senegal and Burkina Faso.

In her keynote address at the round table, Nina Cugler focused on the Need to include the education for global citizenship in the current education system, while Gabriela Dîrloman and Roxana Vișan conducted the workshop Alternative Systems for Sustainable Agriculture. The Romanian Delegation also contributed with a common presentation on „Developing teachers’ competences for global education citizenship”.