Educational itineraries for schools in Expo 2015

Stemming from our exhibition “Food Cloud” and cooperating with the Media center EAThink2015, we created a few educational paths for schools visiting Expo 2015. These paths begin in the Food Cloud exhibition and unfold developing one or more key words through an active visit of some of Expo2015’s Pavilions. You will find and publish on Twitter or Instagram contrasting idea, different points of view, good practices, suggestions and deeper analysis.

The itineraries are the following :

  • Water: Civil Society Pavilion, Germany, Swiss, Austria, Monaco, Dry Areas Cluster, Pavilion Zero;
  • Agriculture 2.0: Civil Society Pavilion, Germany, Belgium, Azerbaijan, United States, Kuwait, Pavilion Zero;
  • Biodiversity: Civil Society Pavilion, Germany, Mexico, Angola, Bahrain, Rice Cluster, Pavilion Zero;
  • Climate: Civil Society Pavilion, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Oman, Islands, sea and food Cluster, Pavilion Zero;
  • Clusters: Civil society, Rice, Coffee, Spices, Cereals and tubers, Mediterranean sea, Pavilion Zero
  • Cultures: Civil Society Pavilion, Japan, Russia, Chile, Spain, Spices Cluster, Pavilion Zero;
  • Consumption: Civil Society Pavilion, Germany, France, Future Food District, Coffee Cluster, South Korea, Pavilion Zero;
  • Right to food: Civil Society Pavilion, Slow Food, Holy See, Save the Children, Caritas, UN, Pavilion Zero;
  • Italy: Civil Society Pavilion, Italian Pavilion, Biodiversity Park, Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster, Pavilion Zero;
  • Mediterranean Sea: Civil Society Pavilion, Palazzo Italia, Israel, Morocco, Spain, Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster;
  • Soil: Civil Society Pavilion, Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Cereals and Tubers Cluster, Pavilion Zero.

These itineraries can be done autonomously by the class, following the suggestions you can find in this document. Some itineraries can be done with a guided tour (in Italian, English or French)

The exhibition Food cloud and these itineraries are associated with the multimedia center EAThink2015, which is constantly updating the blog EAThink2015 and other social media. During the visit, you can take part in communication activities which are part of the EAThink2015 project, following a few, simple instructions that you will find in the map of each itinerary.

For info and bookings:

Giulia Venturini – e-mail

expo corriere

Upon your request, you could close your visit meeting an author of the Corriere della Sera, with whom you can create and print your front page about your visit to EXPO. This activity can also be booked on another day following the visit and done at the headquarters of the Corriere della Sera in via Solferino.


Upon your request, you can also organize a guided tour of the city of Milan – together with and guided by the students of the ISS Varalli – along the 6 itineraries through the city center and the agricultural outskirts (in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish). Info at

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