A visit to Milan

We the Hungarian students of 10 C class in Kiskunhalasi Református Kollégium Szilády Áron Gimnázium spent four days between 2015. September 4. and 7. in Milan. Our group had received these four days by winning the Ethink photography competition in Hungary.

During our stay in Milan we had the opportunity to discover the main purpose of this project more deeply. Also we could have a peep in the colourful culture of the countries at the EXPO.  In addition we luckily got involved in the procedure of making chocolate in the Swiss pavilion.

kkhalas-foto02On the third day of our staying our group took the train to Como and we spent a marvelous and peaceful time there.

On our last day there we received a guided tour around the city, where we could enjoy the beautiful view of Milan and visit the famous sites such as the Duomo of Milan, the Sforzesco Castle, and the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery.

Last but not least we took pleasure in experiencing Italian hospitality. We met there high-spirited, cheerful, kind, and helpful people. Our visit in Italy was made unforgettable by the delicious, plentiful, original Italian dishes.

by Kata Balogh, Kata Fodor, Réka Horváth, Apor Kiss-Pető, Ezékiel Szabó