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Featured News

Video competition: and the winning videos are…

« L’ardoise de Léo » winner of the EAThink2015 European video contest! As part of the EAThink project, a group of 25 secondary, technological and vocational students…

EAThink Educational Apps

What’s the best time to learn how to eat …. “consciously”? No doubt, during childhood! Precisely for this reason EAThink2015 has developed two applications that allow…

“Thinking about food while playing”: The adaptation of the Food Cloud Exhibition in Cyprus

“Thinking about food while playing” is the EAThink2015 exhibition inspired from the Food Cloud Exhibition at Expo2015. In the next three months, CARDET will visit…

Welcome to the EAThink2015 website

The website has been created for primary and secondary school teachers and students. Join our community to share your experiences and practices with other teachers and students from all Europe related to global sustainable development. “EAThink2015 – eat local, think global” is a project that aims to enhance European students and teachers critical understanding and active engagement on global development challenges with a specific focus on food security and sovereignty, sustainable food systems and smallholder farming.

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