Slovenian Food Cloud exhibition was well received

November was a busy month at the Institute for Sustainable Development. We had a great opportunity to join hundreds of exhibitors at Nature–Health Fair (between 24th and 27th of November), which was visited by 25.000 people, and present them our Food Cloud exhibition.


The exhibition was set up so that it presented ten keywords (Seeds, Biodiversity, Farmers, Kilometers, Water, Waste, Soils, Pesticides, Packaging and Cocoa). They were represented with requisites and a question that also started the presentation of a topic. We asked the visitors questions like »How much time does 1 centimeter of fertile soil need to form? Why is the number of bees in the world decreasing? How much of food is wasted on global and national scale each year?« and encourage them to think about the topic, that we explained more later on.


We sent invitations for 30 minute guided tour of the exhibition to elementary schools and high schools. We were very pleased to see such a good response from them. Free spaces were filled up quickly, so that we were not able to provide guided tours to all schools, but some of them came to the fair and went through the exhibition by themselves. We provided guided tours to 20 schools that brought 544 students. A big number of them did not just listen, but also actively participate with questions and thoughts. At the end of the tour, some of them also left us their impressions.


The students could also participate in a prize game, which we linked to interactive games Robin’s cake and EAThink game. They could answer to prize questions and win more than 1/2 kilogram of fair-trade chocolate.


A lot of other visitors also stopped at our exhibition and listened to ongoing tours or asked us for more information.


More impressions from exhibition are available here.