Teachers’ mobilized and active commitment to global interdependency and sustainable agriculture

Eatthink2015: Eat local, think global. With this motto this EU funded project aims to prepare school teachers and provide to them tools for the integration of global development and sustainable agriculture issues in their teaching activities and school curricula.

Taking into account the many contradictions and disproportions currently present around the world, such as poverty and climate changes, the role of NGOs becomes increasingly central in encouraging teachers and students to develop their critical understanding for active engagement at a global level.

Globalisation fosters dynamics that link our choices and actions to the lives of millions of people worldwide in multiple levels and with different outcomes. Particularly, the current human food chain has a negative impact on the environment and people’s health. Over 800 million people hungry every day, while in some countries food is wasted more than ever before. Additionally, farmers’ and consumers’ rights are threatened worldwide.

The international NGO CARDET in the framework of its role for improving social justice and promoting activities against world hunger and poverty offered the opportunity to Cyprus primary school teachers to been informed about new global challenges, updated international priorities and actions to mobilize their selves and their students to become conscious and engaged citizens of a globalized society.

In the context of the EAThink project CARDET will engage primary school teachers in to specialized project activities, aiming to foster teachers’ critical understanding and active engagement in global development challenges with a specific focus on food security, sustainable food systems and smallholder farming.

One of the first meetings with primary teachers took place recently at the Β΄Agios Athanasios primary school. During this project activity teachers had the opportunity to discuss with EAThink2015 research team members initial ideas, methods and approaches that promote students active engagement against social issues. The whole activity was supported by the Agios Athanasios municipality.