“Thinking about food while playing”: The adaptation of the Food Cloud Exhibition in Cyprus

“Thinking about food while playing” is the EAThink2015 exhibition inspired from the Food Cloud Exhibition at Expo2015. In the next three months, CARDET will visit 10 primary and secondary schools in Cyprus and organize an information event in the city-centre of Nicosia where we will distribute information material and play the game with the pedestrians: more than 1000 students and 2000 other participants are expected to visit the exhibition and think about food.

The EAThink2015 educational exhibition in Cyprus, as the one in Milan, presents the food and shows some of its most significant and surprising interactions and transformations. The goal is to amaze and make the students and other participants reflect on the consequences of the aggregate purchase choices and consumption, environmental impacts and social consequences and the challenges to be met to support sustainable food systems and small-scale agriculture. Our exhibition revolves around keywords related to food. Each word is represented by an object, a display or abstraction that represents a point of view and from a short text that begins to explain, through definitions, data, connections and relationships.

On Monday, 29 February 2016, our first stop was at Archangelos Elementary School in Nicosia, where more than 150 students and 10 teachers visited the exhibition and played with us. The rules were simple: team work and collaboration for the correct matching of key-words related to food with the symbolic content of a box while having fun. Indeed, students were having fun while learning about food and global challenges at the same time.

Stay tuned for updates on the exhibitions at schools and our city-centre event!