Tree of your Life!

The 12th grade of “Mihai Eminescu” National College (Buzau), coordinated by teacher Nicolae Gabriel, propose at the end of February 2017, a video which sustains healthy food habits. Symbolically, the apple represents a tree of life. Romanian proverbs say that the apple tree is the Tree of Life, as in fairy tales. Therefore, the motto of the 30 seconds video is “Make the apple the Tree of your Life!”. Teenagers are encouraged to eat fruits at home, at school, with their friends. Unhealthy food such as fast-food should be replaced with fruits. The team is headed by Cristina Gheorghe.

Pomul Vieţii este un simbol al unui stil de viaţă sănătos – ideea esenţială a spotului social creat de echipa condusă de eleva Cristina Gheorghe, de la clasa a XII-a C, de la C.N.”Mihai Eminescu”.