Video competition: and the winning videos are…

« L’ardoise de Léo »
winner of the EAThink2015 European video contest!

As part of the EAThink project, a group of 25 secondary, technological and vocational students of the Lycée des Andaines (La Ferté Macé, France) have been working on various studies since 2015, leading to the creation of a video and an innovative application, with the support of their teachers Anne Cuillandre (Physical Sciences) and Fanny Margeot (Life and Earth Sciences).

The video spot « L’ardoise de Léo » was made within the national video contest organised by Urgenci International Network within the EAThink project. The spot «L’ardoise de Léo»  takes us into the daily life of a 15-year-old teenager who shares with us his awareness of the amount of virtual water he consumes every day. In June 19, 2017 « L’ardoise de Léo » was chosen as the best video spot by a jury made up of members of the European EAThink project, from 12 different countries.


What is virtual water?


One of the most important issues of the near future is the management of water, but not just bottled water or tap water. « Virtual water is the water used in the manufacture of food and food itself at all stages of development, from the crops that need to be watered to the water needed by consumer product manufacturers. Some figures are food for thoughts: per day and per person, if it takes about 150 litres of real water for all needs, it takes up to 4,900 litres of virtual water to meet the needs of growing and manufacturing food. Producing one kilo of beef requires 15,000 litres of water » says Anne Cuillandre.

It was, therefore, to make the general audience aware of the management of virtual water that high school students created the video « L’ardoise de Léo » along with the development of an application to measure the amount of virtual water contained in food, with the aim of encouraging users to consume the least water-consuming products.

The application « Virtual water, we eat it more than we drink it » can be downloaded on the Dome website

The app project was carried out within the framework of the program « Cultural and Scientific Paths », in partnership with the Rectorat de l’Académie de Caen and the Normandy Region.

EAThink2015 winning video is a beautiful example of what happened in 12 European countries of the EAThink2015 project, where students and teachers had the chance to experiment themselves as directors and film-makers. Through video, texts and infographics, they tried to summarize the meaning of their commitment within the EAThink project in only 30 seconds! Each class or group was asked to send a message to raise public awareness of the topics of sustainable nutrition, food waste and conscious consumption.


The result of the 12 video contests?


12 beautiful spots, one by country, who passed the national selection and came straight to the European final!

The spots were born from the idea of the boys and girls of the schools, who made the first version. The winning video of each national contest was then professionally remade to make the message of the students more effective.

A jury of European experts evaluated the finalist videos, choosing the European winner who will have the privilege of being translated and broadcasted on television and web channels of all 12 countries involved in the EAThink2015 project.

The second place was taken by the video produced by the elementary school of Drenje in Croatia, which in the title goes back to the slogan of the Eathink project “Eat local, think global!”.

On the last step of the podium, we find the winners of the competition in Hungary and Slovenia, both awarded for their originality and communicative strength.

Here is the video gallery that took part in the competition: