Cunoaște și recunoaște – atelier de educație globală la ora de limba engleză

La Liceul Național „Ioan Petruș” din Otopeni elevii iau contact cu educația globală la ora de limba engleză, împreună cu doamna profesoara Monica Floris Kiriță. Iată impresiile unuia dintre participanți.

Our fruit project


Before Christmas holiday, our English teacher came to the classroom and told us to make a funny project. The project was about fruits.

On the desk she had a plate with a lot of fruits. Teacher called each of us in front of the class and covered our eyes with a scarf. She put us to take a fruit, to eat it and to say its name.

All of us knew the name of the fruit because we like fruits very much.

After that we made a menu for our own dream restaurant. We put on the menu: starters, soups, fish, meat, salads, chips and desserts. We also put on the menu some soft drinks.

It was a very funny English class!

Iris Luican, 5th grade

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